The eldorado for demanding beach lovers, water sports enthusiasts and cyclists

Makkum: Holiday at the seaside!


MAKKUM (NL) – Holidaying in the dunes of Ameland without having to use an expensive ferry. Swimming in and surfing on the sea without fear of having no ground under your feet. There are no jellyfish. Sailing with an electric boat through natural wetlands without being harassed by mosquitoes. Enjoy the pleasures of a thatched farmhouse à la Giethoorn without throngs of day trippers in the yard and punt capers in the canal.

We are located in a villa park that has developed into an amazingly beautiful place: Beach Resort Makkum. Bad Makkum for the German-speakers. 450 Holiday homes amidst new nature, at the IJsselmeer [Lake Yssel]. Always busy, but you don’t see this. It is utterly peaceful and quiet. Where are all the occupants? At the beach, on the boulevard, on the miniature golf course, on the rented bikes in the area. Most are active with recreation. A few are reposing with a good book on the terrace.
There are great houses in the park. Half is for rent. The creating of Beach Resort Makkum was started in 1993. The nature in the park has developed so well that it seems as though it has been there for centuries. Makkum itself is indeed in the midst of various nature conservation areas of the Friese natuurbeschermingsorganisatie It Fryske Gea [Nature Conservancy Organisation] with expansive water birds reserves in the surrounds.

Very international
Half of the patronage of the Friesian ‘Abu Dhabi’ — the accommodation and tourist facilities have been built on new beach sand — hails from the Netherlands, the other half from Germany and Belgium. Belgians usually flocked to holiday parks in the province of Zeeland, but since the first holidaymakers discovered Makkumerstrand [Makkum Beach], many others have followed in their footsteps.

Much more than sea and beach
The fun part of Makkum is that this place offers more than sand and sea, the former tempestuous Zuiderzee is now the inviting freshwater IJsselmeer. You can safely sail and cycle and experience the atmosphere of the past in the old fishing harbour. Certainly more than worth the effort is a visit to the romantic villages in the triangle formed by Makkum, Bolsward an Workum which are within sailing and cycling distance. Bolsward and Workum form part of the Friese Elfsteden (Frisian eleven cities ice skating route).
Also recommended is a trip over the Afsluitdijk [dam with causeway] for a day at the North Sea. The Afsluitdijk, constructed in 1932, is the dam between the salty Wadden Sea (a UNESCO World Heritage site since 2009) and the freshwater and recreation water reservoir, the IJsselmeer.
Makkum also has wellness and beautifying facilities. It is the multiplicity of holiday homes and leisure facilities and the many options for recreation in the immediate vicinity that annually attracts thousands of holidaymakers to the luxury holiday village at the IJsselmeer.