The IJsselmeer Route:

2000 years of astonishing wealth and poverty around the Zuiderzee


WORKUM (NL) – A highlight besides the world famous Eleven Cities Route (the bicycle, boating, car, motorbike and skating route along eleven exquisite historical cities in Friesland:, is the IJsselmeer Route. This new tourist route from the Friesland Holland Tourist Office is the ultimate encounter with the former large salty inland Zuiderzee and the current fresh water IJsselmeer.

Whoever likes lots of variety and wants to experience a Netherlands with and without dykes and would like to see the nautical and urban treasure of the Golden Age, then they should book the IJsselmeer Route package. You sleep in hotels on or at the water, including in the city palace of Vollenhove, or luxurious bed and breakfasts, this depending on the means of transport in which you travel the route. Perhaps even by foot!

The trip along the shores of the former Zuiderzee is an authentic discovering of the glorious past of the Frisian and Hollander shipmasters who sailed international waters, the UNESCO World Heritage Site ‘Wouda’ steam pumping station’ in Lemmer and the former island of Schokland with its dramatic history, historic and modern agriculture and fisheries, regional products, age-old and contemporary ceramics, splendid museums such as the Zuiderzee Museum in Enkhuizen (visit this when taking the ferry trip from Stavoren to Enkhuizen, and vice versa), rare art and the culture of rich port towns and quaint fishing villages in the provinces of Friesland, Overijssel, Noord-Holland and Flevoland. Many far-famed water management and civil engineering works are in the program, such as the Afsluitdijk (dam and causeway), the steam-driven pumping station of Lemmer (UNESCO World Heritage Site) and the eco-lock of Stavoren.

Unprecedented possibilities and service
You can travel the IJsselmeer Route by bicycle, car, motorbike or motor coach or on foot, but also with a motor boat, sailing boat or, in small or large groups, with a traditional sailing ship of the Frisian fleet.

For cyclists and walkers, Friesland Holland Travel, the tour operator of the Friesland Holland Tourist Office, will transport the baggage. It also provides a fast breakdown service, with a speedy replacement top-notch bicycle if your (rental) bike should unexpectedly break down or does not perform as it should (e-bike).

By whatever means you should set off, you will receive in advance, therefore at your home, a detailed information package covering all the places worth seeing and relevant particulars. In other words: the preparation of your trip is an already full experiencing of the joy of your upcoming holiday or coach trip. Because Friesland Holland is itself the route developer and package provider, it can tailor to your personal desires. For example, suppose that you find a certain day route from the standard package just too tiring or too long, we will then shorten it for you with an extra overnight stay.

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